• Child sexual abuse: a social problem

The training aims to raise awareness and reflect on the protection we must offer to children and adolescents against child sexual abuse and other abusive behaviour, as well as to establish the referral circuits in case the intervention of these is necessary professionals in the protection of a child.

All prices include travel expenses for the professionals as well as the materials that will be used. The entity has possible bonuses on the final price according to the annual subsidies received and the profile of the contracting body. Bonuses will also be made based on the number of activities contracted (from a minimum of three activities). Bonuses will not be cumulative.


6 hours for video conference


Based on the request of the activity


Based on the request of the activity


Training and Prevention Service Vicki Bernadet Foundation.

Who is it aimed at?

This session aims to raise awareness among the different professionals who work at the school (teachers, canteen monitors, extracurriculars, support staff, etc.).


  • Know what child sexual abuse is, its characteristics and its consequences.
  • Provide detection strategies and warning indicators.


Starting from the study and analysis of cases, we reflect on the role that the different professionals who work in an educational center have with respect to the prevention, detection and referral of cases of sexual abuse.


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