Psychosocial support

For people directly or indirectly affected by a child sexual abuse situation.


We offer a space for information, advice and guidance via telephone and/or email, aimed at victims of ASI, family members or professionals. If you have a suspicion or doubt about a case of ASI, we can advise you on circuits, protocols and public network services that can support you. In this space we will assess the possibility of making a welcoming visit to the entity's headquarters or electronically.c


This service consists of face-to-face or online care with one of our social workers, in which we provide guidance and emotional support to people who come to the service. Reception interviews allow the user's demand to be explored, the most suitable intervention proposal to be assessed and psychosocial guidance to be offered.

Who is it for?

  • Adults who were abused as children and who are looking for psychosocial, legal or therapeutic advice.
  • Families that have a situation of child sexual abuse.

This service is the gateway to the other specialized services: Therapeutic care, legal care, care for families.