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  • Therapeutic and Legal Care Service
¿How to access the service?
To access the foundation's customer service you have to call to make an appointment with one of the social workers. This is a psychosocial counseling space with the aim of exploring demand and explaining the conditions of the service. Is therapeutic treatment provided in case of suspected cases of child sexual abuse? The Assistance Service is not a detection or exploration service in cases of suspicion. It is a treatment service for child sexual abuse when there are associated consequences and, in the case of minors, when the examination has already been carried out within the corresponding public circuit. If you suspect a possible case of child sexual abuse, whether you are a family member or a professional, we can advise you on the circuit and protocol you should follow.
Does the Vicki Bernadet Foundation have an emergency service?
No, in case of emergency you must go to your reference hospital in the public network or call the free telephone number for Children and Adolescents (116 111). Depending on the autonomous community in which you reside, you must follow your corresponding protocol of action against the abuse of children and adolescents. Additionally, remember that in order for our entity to care for a minor, there must be a prior complaint and a diagnosis made.
Does the Therapeutic and Legal Care Service carry out expert reports?
The entity's Therapeutic and Legal Care Service team does not carry out work as experts or forensic psychologists and, therefore, does not prepare expert reports. If there is suspicion, we do provide advice to refer to the corresponding circuit. Once the diagnosis and the corresponding report have been made (necessary in the event that the victim is a minor), we can begin the therapeutic process with one of the professionals from the Vicki Bernadet Foundation.
Should a complaint be filed in order to be treated at the foundation?
If the victim is a minor, child sexual abuse is considered a public crime and is classified in the Penal Code as a crime against sexual freedom and indemnity, so any person aware of this crime has the obligation to report it. . When the person becomes an adult it becomes a private crime that only the victim can report.
Can childhood abuse be dealt with when you are already an adult?
Yes. 72% of the people we serve in the entity's Therapeutic and Legal Care Service are adults who suffered sexual abuse as children. It is very difficult for victims to speak while abuse is happening. In fact, according to research carried out, it is estimated that only 10% are able to ask for help. This is due to different factors: the fear of breaking up the family, the feeling of guilt, not knowing who to trust,... These and others mean that many victims of childhood sexual abuse are not able to talk about it until adulthood and Therefore, following a therapeutic process to treat the consequences of this traumatic event also occurs in adulthood.
Do you treat a minor in therapy without her parents being informed?
If the victim is a person under 18 years of age, it is necessary that they come accompanied by their family members so that they are informed of the task we carry out. In addition, it is advisable to have the support of her family members and that they receive advice and support as well.
If I am a professional and have doubts or suspicions about a case of child sexual abuse, can I request advice from the Vicki Bernadet Foundation?
Yes, the Foundation's Care Service team offers advice and guidance on how to act, the existing protocols and resources in the event of suspicion or verbalization of a case of child sexual abuse. We will respond to your request in a personalized way, also assessing the needs and, if necessary, providing advice or supervision of the case. In addition, we offer specialized training aimed at professionals who work with children and adolescents. Prevention at all levels, with special attention to vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion.
Is it a public and free service?
The Vicki Bernadet Foundation is a private entity that has a portion of subsidized places for the different services we offer (welcomes, individual therapies, group therapy, etc.). During the reception service, the social worker will inform you about what requirements you need to have in order to receive a subsidized place.