The Therapeutic Care Service is aimed at providing support and care to people who have suffered childhood sexual abuse and their families. This service includes individual and group therapeutic care and individual or family psychological counseling sessions.


In this service, we work in a personalized way with the aim of helping the person overcome the psychological effects or consequences that they may be experiencing as a result of the sexual abuse suffered.

In this individual process we can work on the development of personal, coping and emotional regulation skills that help the person stabilize and recover, as well as psychologically work through the traumatic experience.

In all cases, but especially in cases of minors, we offer orientation and support sessions to families (family care service), with the aim of developing adequate support for people who have suffered CSA.


Group therapy facilitates the person's emotional recovery.

Therapeutic groups help break the feeling of misunderstanding and loneliness, facilitate new models of trust and relationship, enable the exchange of strategies to work on the consequences of CSA and promote reflection on one's own life story, through sharing the experience with other survivors.
The foundation offers Therapeutic Groups for adults, adolescents and parent groups.

Group therapy is led by a team psychologist, and it is recommended to have started individual therapy previously or in parallel. To apply for them you must first complete the reception interview with the Foundation's TS.