Socio-educational resources

It is the training program in the prevention of child sexual abuse with a more social vocation. It is 100% subsidized. It is aimed at open centers, UECs or socio-educational resources that work with children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability.
It revolves around three main axes: The child as a subject in his or her own right, the need to ask for help from trusted adults to address situations that do not make us feel good, and the visibility of the network of the territory for the protection of children and their knowledge by children. The program includes training actions for both professionals and children and adolescents.
  • Professionals
15-hour training aimed at socio-educational resources professionals who are interested in implementing the prevention program in their centers. The course is designed to offer basic knowledge about child sexual abuse of children, its prevention, detection and addressing. This training also includes a practical part to autonomously develop part of the activities with the children. The program includes professional support throughout its implementation.
  • Children and adolescents

Words that make Network 

Activity for children that aims to train and empower them to prevent and detect abusive situations, as well as learn about the existing protection network.

Aimed at: children between 8 and 12 years old
Duration: 5 sessions of 1 hour

What's happening to my colleague?

Activity that aims for adolescents to visualize the problem of child sexual abuse, know what its characteristics are and obtain resources to detect and react to abusive situations.

Aimed at: Adolescents from 12 years old
Duration: 4 sessions of 1 hour.

If you are a professional from an open center and are interested, you can contact and we will inform you.