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School centers are a privileged context for working on the prevention of child sexual abuse and, furthermore, they have a key role in its detection. Both schools and families need to create spaces of dialogue and trust for children and adolescents to express themselves and understand their rights. However, all the activities we carry out have this preventive function and are aimed at infants, adolescents, families and the educational community.
  • Children and teenagers
The actions aimed at children and adolescents aim to provide self-protection tools, offer mechanisms for asking for help and communication, make visible the existence of situations of child sexual abuse and empower children. We have different workshops that cover all educational ages: primary, secondary and high school. Therefore, every two school years we offer an activity related to ASI prevention suitable for the cognitive and emotional maturity of the students. All the activities are done face-to-face, with the classroom group and with the presence of the tutor.


Anna and Jan's pencil

This activity starts from the story of two friends to address some of the protective elements against child sexual abuse, such as consent, identifying abusive relationships, intimate parts, the respect for one's own body and the bodies of others, as well as the importance of asking for help and explaining things to trusted adults.

Student: 2nd grade
Duration: 1.5 hours

Les cortines d'aire

Based on the explanation of the story Les cortines d'air and its characters, the different elements surrounding child sexual abuse are worked on: secrets, emotions, private parts and the need to ask for help and explain things to trusted adults.

Student: 4th grade
Duration: 1.5 hours

Are we done with the story?

The activity works on child sexual abuse based on everyday situations that have to do with the crossing of limits, confusing situations and the generation of contradictory feelings. This workshop aims to provide students with tools so that they can identify abusive situations and ask for help from trusted people.

Student: 6th grade
Duration: 1.5 hours

Secondary and High school

By talking, we prevent abuse

This activity addresses the different aspects surrounding the problem of child sexual abuse and emphasizes the false beliefs and myths that surround it. At the same time, abusive dynamics are explained and topics such as consent, the need to ask for help from trusted adults and the role of friends are raised.

Pupils: from 2nd ESO.
Duration: 2 hours

Sensitive Material:

This activity raises awareness of the issue of sexual abuse through delicate and subtle images, all the while dismantling existing false beliefs. Key elements of abusive dynamics are addressed, such as consent, power relations, blackmail, guilt, shame, secrecy, etc., and special emphasis is placed on the need to seek help from adults confidence in the event of child sexual abuse or other similar problems. (EDUCATIONAL CAPSULE DEVELOPED BY THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL VISION FOUNDATION)

Pupils: From 2nd ESO
Duration: 2 hours

  • Educational Community

We are aimed at management and educational teams, non-teaching teams, after-school and canteen monitors. The aim is for the educational teams to know the problem of child sexual abuse, its dynamics and its characteristics. At the same time, it offers the necessary knowledge and tools to detect, address and prevent possible abusive situations.

Depending on the profile to whom the training is aimed, we adjust the duration, content and modality. The duration of the trainings can be between 3 and 8 pm.

  • Families

Prevention and awareness talks aimed at parents and relatives where the activities are being carried out. In this way, we manage to create a space of protection and communication around the child that allows not only better prevention, but greater detection and an appropriate response in cases of possible verbalizations.

The duration is 2 hours. We offer flexibility in timetables and modality to guarantee a better reconciliation.